Printing News
  • 2012-8-23 10:17:14Books printed development challenges and difficulties
  • 2012-8-17 9:54:42Commercial printing going downhill sheet-fed ink market is not optimistic
  • 2012-8-16 10:10:06In 2012 the English packaging industry is facing huge pressure recovery
  • 2012-8-14 9:49:05Japan's small and medium-sized enterprises in the printing industry boom or collapse is not optimistic
  • 2012-8-10 10:15:24Most British printing enterprise in the second quarter to trade situation is not optimistic
  • 2012-8-8 9:35:11London Olympic Games for British printing bring huge opportunity
  • 2012-8-6 14:26:30Coated paper and digital paper shows strong growth trend
  • 2012-8-2 9:51:51Latin America printing consumables contain market opportunities
  • 2012-7-31 10:06:36Saudi Arabia printing in the new spring
  • 2012-7-24 10:01:42The introduction of 3 D printing technology university, and help students to study
  • 2012-7-19 9:41:14British printing: small businesses are gradually to control the market
  • 2012-7-9 9:46:07The recession which Asian printing downturn exports
  • 2012-5-24 9:36:29Australia printing wandering troughs
  • 2012-4-27 9:27:173 years China will accomplish basic primary and secondary school textbooks green printing all covered
  • 2012-4-12 9:43:05North American printing ink industry facing severe challenges
  • 2012-3-31 9:57:26Can see from four of the printing industry in the future not pessimistic
  • 2012-3-19 11:06:20Fully exploit the added value of the books, let books more value added
  • 2012-3-12 15:34:14China storms the printing market
  • 2012-3-5 16:30:24The Future of Development of China Printing Industry
  • 2012-3-2 14:51:52Study claims that digital book printing is greener than offset
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