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Commercial printing going downhill sheet-fed ink market is not optimistic

The United States wake rich his company's sales and regional operations vice President daryl Collins think, commercial printing and not from the economic crisis in the shadow go out, paper, ink and transportation costs to commercial printing of cachexia has been promoting role. Of course, those that survive in 2012 enterprise is expected to usher in a new transfer.
INX international company sheet-fed technical manager Chris bunker said: "commercial printing sales in 2011 is still weak, but there are signs that this market will be in 2012 milder. Prices, paper and service is influence ink purchasing decision's three big essential factors. Raw material prices at last year's linear rise also influence the most ink manufacturer sales growth."
And some enterprises are relying on their own differentiation management ability in such a difficult market environment succeeded.
Oriental ink American company printing ink department President John copeland think, due to the lack of business window, commercial printing industry will continue to decline, he said: "we see a lot of printing enterprises are trying to through the differentiation management improve their growth. Some printers into printing service providers, and is no longer simple printing enterprise. They can provide a variety of services, including digital printing, packaging grooming, auxiliary marketing, network support, value-added printing or special printing, etc. Which can successful transformation of the printing enterprise often can in the fierce competition in the market share of the cake.
According to the superior printing ink company chief operating officer Jim pull roca introduction, commercial printing production in North America in 2011 dropped, because many sheet-fed ink manufacturers began to move other market, so the market capacity reduction and don't give those who carried out differentiated operation and correct market strategy of enterprise to bring the influence.

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