Unsolicited Manuscripts
A. Technical Support
Support Mac & Pc, please save the file as TIFF, JPG or EPS, if you provide other formats, delivery may be affected. 

B. Artwork Requirement:
-provide the artwork file in original size (1:1), no bleeding area is required.-Use CMYK format.
-Resolution (DPI), please use 100-150dpi.
-When upload the files, please save it as an English name.
-For file format other than TIFF or JPG, please create outline for all the text.-One more working day will be required for those files need to be exported into other printable format.
-When the file size is too big, please help to compress into relevant format (PC-ZIP or RAR/MAC-SIT).
-Files can be sent via CD, Email or upload to our FTP, please contact our Customer Service Department after you have uploaded the file.
-When you encounter any problem in upload the files, please check your computer firewall, try to open the port 21 for FTP file upload.
-please create outline for the text.

 C. Reminder for Artwork Production:
-Since the Artwork changes is based on Special Rate, therefore, all the file will be kept by our company. However, if customer need to get back the file copy, the artwork fee be charged at normal market rate.
-If files are provided by customer, our company will not kelp to keep file copy for future use.

The software can be used in our company:

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