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Company History

1995, 3-person team worked for pre-press file output as a company establishment.

2000,builded up a 7-person solution team of the pre-press color-management with CTP,CDP and so on.

September 19th, 2005, a  40-person team committed to the whole process of the completed color-management, printing, binding and processing business. 

2008, the headquarters moved to PengJi ShangWuShiKong Mansion,#3 BaGua Road,LuoHu District. The team members from 40 to 120, and also installed CRM system in officeto be a production, processing, solution as one of the company. 

2009,created in Printing Union of Color-management with 60 associated members who joined in.  

2010, participated in the International Competition of Printing and Binding and gained the Third-winner in contest.

2011 to 2014 (three consecutive years), won Oscar Awards of the International Printing & Package.

2014, obtained ISO certificate for company management.
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