How to place an order?
1) Phone Order   
   When you phone call our Customer Hotline 400 882 1020 as an order-place, our service specialist will discuss the details with you.  Please click our website: www.goldprinting.cc for more product information. 

2) Fax Order      
   When you place an order through our fax. Number: +86-755-22200413, please indicate the product type, quantity, size, paper, technical requirements etc. on your fax paper. 

3) Net Order      
   Login our website www.goldprinting.cc within working hour, our online specialist will help your quotation and order-place.

4) E-mail Order   
   Please send your inquiry and order to Email: sales003@goldprinting.cc  with your contact information, such as person name, telephone number, skype, company name and so on. Tips: If your file capacity is more than 3MB, please send to our FTP or through other platforms: dropbox, wetransfer, drive. Google, hightail. 

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