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In 2012 the English packaging industry is facing huge pressure recovery

In Britain the latest release the second quarter of the packaging industry statistics data show: packaging in the second half of this year will face huge glass, plastic and steel recovery pressure.
In order to realize the goals, Britain should every quarter average recovery 410079 tons of glass, and so far, Britain in the first quarter and the second quarter were only recalled 379463 and 349231 tons of glass. This means that the British in the second half of this year at least 968894 tons of recycling glass (or 484447 tons/quarter).
Plastic recycling situation also is not optimistic. In the first and second quarter of this year, the British were recovery 127038 tons and 135170 tons of plastic, and to realize the recovery of 601023 tons (or 144777 tons/quarter) target, Britain in the second half of this year at least 338815 tons of plastic recycling, an average of 169407.5 tons per quarter.
In contrast, the steel and iron the recovery situation slightly better. Although has not yet achieved average every quarter recovery of 82646 tons (the second quarter recycle only 75013 tons of) goals, but Britain in the first quarter of this year a total of 92565 tons of iron and steel recovery.
360 environmental protection company general manager phil. KangRan (PhilConran) said, glass and plastic infrastructure is far from reach our goal, and as some people choose at the end of hoarding materials, they are almost impossible to complete recovery plan at the beginning of the year

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