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Japan's small and medium-sized enterprises in the printing industry boom or collapse is not optimistic

According to the Japanese xinhua qiaobao nets news, August 10, tax increase consumption tax legislation after the house of representatives passed after the senate vote in Japan by 188 votes in favor of through, goes into effect. Analysts say that the bill comes into force, hired most of the work force, support the Japanese manufacturing of small and medium-sized enterprises, will suffer from destruction, a large number of failed.
According to the Japanese kyodo news "news, the survey shows that 67% of small and medium-sized enterprise not only worry about tax increase, but also because of the weak position for consumers, it is difficult to through the prices for the transfer of burden. Recently, there have been many small micro enterprise for Tokyo electric power company rise in electricity stopped business, and more in business enterprise to join the team. This is the case in small and medium enterprise concentration of Tokyo withdrawn the big particularly serious. The field association of industry, business metal processing of the society for the boat for consumption tax rate poly rise not spared. He now not only to worry about the management of the enterprise, to solve the problem of rising costs.
The boat long said, for small and medium-sized enterprise that, purchase price rise is the biggest problem. For example, in mechanical and raw material purchase, the 10 million yen, due to the consumption rate from April 2014 begins to rise 3%, to 300000 yen monthly increase the burden. A year come down, to increase the cost of 3.6 million yen, equivalent to a staff of the annual salary. Now, the Japanese of small and medium-sized enterprises in the red most state, because tax increases in the plight of the small and medium-sized enterprise management will be more and more.
The research of the empire of Japan, a survey showed 67% of Chinese small and medium-sized enterprise said, consumption tax tax increases will lead to business performance significantly worse. The main reasons for the said enterprise is "not a tax increase will be part of the price in the form of a share." For points in two stages of ascension consumption tax policy, and small and medium-sized enterprise said "is the need to change the system, is a big burden".
Engaged in the software business, enterprise contract to send technicians to company operator temple island said, only racking my brains to reduce costs, improve the price is not easy. The government tax increases burden, may finally by the enterprise bear the.
In Tokyo in port of printing business operator also a company to tax increases worried. He said, tax increases will lead to printing prices, many clients may be so use your own computer to printing, printing industry situation is not optimistic.

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