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Most British printing enterprise in the second quarter to trade situation is not optimistic

According to the British printing industry federation's latest investigation shows, because this session comes as the queen of England was London Olympic Games 60 anniversary celebration, a third of printing enterprise had some extra work. These prints contains various celebrates queen was the slogan of 60 years.
The news in recent years has been in recession for the British printing should be a positive signals, however, according to participants in the survey of 107 printing enterprise data shows, the second quarter of 2012 trade status "disappointing", and 36% said they print of the enterprises of unexpected business down, 38% of India said did not change business enterprises, only 26% of the printing business enterprises said increased.
Rival pricing below cost is one of the most frequently asked questions, in the surveyed printing enterprise, this problem and the late payment and the main target customers become the seal of the enterprises pay attention to three issues. This among them: rivals pricing below cost at first, 85% of printing enterprises is about the problem, the second is the late payment, 31% of the seal on enterprises, and the third is the main target customers problems, 28% of seal on this problem for a very high attention.
And some experts opinion, some British printing enterprises for the third quarter in the trade with more optimistic forecast, they think, usually in the third quarter of the year is throughout the industry the most busy for a period of time, 22% of enterprises in the third quarter is expected to seal the portfolio will have 22% of the demand picks up, 70% of the printed predict the enterprises in the third quarter of business won't change too much.
British printing industry association chief executive KathyWoodward said: "obviously, in the present so difficult trade climate, the confidence fragile, how many appear some price competition and the late payment problem many printing enterprises. But interesting is, we see the seals for new equipment investment enterprises without too big reduction."
Kathy Woodward think, British printing is right now though downturn, but in print export level still keep rise the situation, so she encouraged printing enterprise can actively seek new markets overseas.

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