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The introduction of 3 D printing technology university, and help students to study

As a new technology, 3 D scanning, model technology is gradually being used in various fields. In the United States darth vader of the science and engineering university library will introduce a this technique. This can give the students' study and learning bring higher degree of help.
The person in charge of the institute, said: "we introduce the technology is all for the students. This allows us to put the study from lab to move inside out."
But not all of the schools are willing to do so. The person in charge of the institute explained: "only some has the abundant research fund, and have the research of demand will buy the product school."
Through the use of specific software, 3 D printer can print font or to image, form 3 D reality effect. The students can be in this condition for further changes.
"It will be the meaning of library leading to a new level. The library will not only be information communication tool, create more can be..." The application of college full confidence.

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