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British printing: small businesses are gradually to control the market

British industry in the media has a series of survey data shows that in 500000 pounds of turnover within small businesses is gradually to control the market.
In general, turnover in 1 million-3 million pounds of enterprise occupies the industry's biggest share, its rate reached 22.4%, but in 500000 the turnover within the enterprise actually palaces sprang up in the past 12 months, its market share from 4.8% up to 20.5%.
And in consumers' spending, in the past year, consumers in printing costs are certain to rise. According to statistics, 200000 pounds within the scope of the consumer although dropped from 38.8% to 33.6%, but compare with the past, more than 100000 pounds but consumers increased from 10.9% to 19.1%, and 54.2% of them were from wide printing.
Research also shows that, for a surface printing enterprise speaking, this is a chaos of the year, on the one hand, worry about digital printing will continue erosion market share, but on the other hand, also for traditional printing is still in the market and industry occupies an important position and feel at ease.
There is evidence that more and more printing providers will face a printing joined his business, those who don't provide a business enterprise face fell from 51.4% to 41.5%. And in this among them, 8.4% of the companies say they plan to in the next two months will be added to their wide printing business.
In a wide field of consumption ability, every year in a wide range of print on consumption in 1 million pounds-3 million pounds consumers from last year's 1.9% to 3.5%. The most important is, 48.4% of consumers said in the next two years will increase in the consumption of the wide prints budget.

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