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Fully exploit the added value of the books, let books more value added

In order to compete with ebook, publishers need in the paper books on the entity added value full excavation, in order to reflect the irreplaceable. All kinds of printing technology gave us achieve means. Someone summed up nine fine production methods, only supplies the reference.
The current age, and books must be interesting, catch the eyes, have the feeling of wave to you silently. To do this, just rely on the text is not enough.
Printing on paper is far more than the printing ink, when all printing company claim to have a high quality printing technology, you find it hard to discrimination they printed out the quality of the product who is higher. But if you look back at most of the awards for printing enterprise, you will find they are generally have finishing elements. It would increase costs, but also adds value. In order to make paper books in the digital world to find the right standpoint, we must think way. Compared with the screen reader, paper books with touch advantage: paper turned, and you don't have to move.
Can use technology including the:
1, polish (Coating)
The UV (UV) technology and other polish and laminating technology now has become very popular. Its costs are relatively cheap, is the book cover the way most applications.
2, LengTang gold (Foilstamping)
Some offset printing machine manufacturers have already been leaflet paper printing online adopted LengTang gold technology, this LengTang gold technology really adds additional cost, but its value is also significant, hot stamping foil color can immediate attention. Kensington publishing company (KensingtonPublishing) founder and honorary chairman walter ur west (WalterZacharius) to the United States espiritu had a profound influence on book publishing industry, he is the first book on the jacket in the effect of the publishers.
3, Embossing (Embossing)
This function still need special mold to impact paper, new digital technology has had. The old letterpress by using pressure to mold the uplift the effect. Embossing is in the plate surface shape creasing process. There are a lot of different embossed effect, single and multi-layer, dome, sculpture, cant is commonly used pressing technology. Different metal used to produce embossing dies, such as magnesium and copper, brass, including embossing machine tooling is brass of first choice.
4, digital embossed (Digitalembossing)
There is no digital embossed mold. Scodix have a inkjet device, the use of special inkjet layer to mold the texture. Kodak NexPress with three dimensional remove effect, for printing image increased "dynamic", such as let drop images appear on page.
5, metal process (Metallics)
And hot stamping process is different, in the books printed on golden, silver and other metal color has always been a challenge. A new digital printers, and easy to achieve this effect.
6 and die cut (Diecutting)
Laser die cutting for cover design interesting openings provides many opportunities. In the past, square and circle die cutting are quite common, and now you can shape various shapes. Die cutting holes in books can be the first page of the image out.
7, fragrance (Scenting)
Concord (Concord) plate printing substrate for all add fragrance. As long as a light under its holiday wrapping paper, paper will penetrate give a gum rosin fragrance, you still can put a piece of orange pictures, with orange texture and flavor.
8, two dimensional barcode (QRcodes)
The use of planar bar code will be more and more common, and you can in some print advertising on see them. As long as the use of smart phones it scanned, you can direct link to a web site, for example, link to video clips of the book. A planar bar code, "the view" (scan) a book really can become "scan" (scan) a book.
9 and other special effects
South etching (DynaEtch), will be hot stamping foil and is transparent offset printing together. A special kind of sculpture brass mold is mainly used to print hot stamping image, all kinds of fine texture template is carved into a metal foil. Foil area and the foil elements in the conventional longitudinal together offset printing equipment, the result is a strong color mix build and mobile illusion, as long as the effective use, even can imitate the hologram appearance.
Jacket become popular in the s before the last century, many fine book cover all have complex of gold foil design. Today, technology gave us more imagination. E-books sure no way in cover fuss, but paper books can still in various ways to attract the attention of the reader and touch.

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