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Can see from four of the printing industry in the future not pessimistic

Recently, the 2012 digital tour of the meeting in zhengzhou station · zhengzhou sweep fashion hotel monet hall held successfully. This meeting is also the second stop of the digital tour, at the meeting, from Fuji film, Heidelberg, chengdu new drawings, wei reputation, epson and gold printing group at home and abroad, the top CTP in a digital suppliers, respectively, a brilliant speech from different angles. Meeting, experts will the future of the printing industry to understand said. The experts from the following four about printing scene is not pessimistic.
First, the tablet computer or mobile phones can transfer picture information in words, printing journals at reduced, but children's books at least in the future is difficult to reduce many years. In a very long period of time, children's services should not very smoothly electronic, because a lot of experts and hospital all think the hurt the child's eyes.
Second, luxury into Chinese trend unstoppable, these products to do propaganda, China is the second largest luxury kingdom. In the big cities of the luxury real estate profits as printing, printing quality requirements and luxury goods will be very high-end, would bring a lot of high-end printing market space.
Third, the essence of printing the transmission of information besides, still have a kind of cultural inheritance function, electronic hard to heritage, but the paper can be on the media, this also is a big market space.
Fourth, packaging and printing demand is very big, bright prospects.
Change not depart from the Pope, with the development of technology, printing has three functions, first is dissemination of information, with the emergence of electronic publications, paper printing will reduce, followed by culture history of inheritance, still exist. Once again, is the visual quality enjoy, with the development of the society, the improvement of living standard, people will go to pick color reduction of better, more comfortable to read the journal. It is also because there is this demand, so to do the color management, the color management is a tendency of the development of the society. In short, high-end is necessary, high quality printing is a development of the space. Printing will never be replaced, but we want to improve printing level.
Heidelberg company representative mention, printing is future, the trend is high-end printing, publishing printing will be less and less, but network printing, and printing, etc is needed. Because such as business card and so on some basic publicity or need. Digital printing slowly also popular.
Everybody still added, printing will not disappear, just can appear a turning point. With the increasing cost, printing industry will be a big reshuffle, printing quality is very good enterprise development will be more and more good. Operation efficiency very good enterprise, in the enterprise management is very will also be more do well. And these aspects do bad enterprise, will face the danger of collapse.

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