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Books printed development challenges and difficulties

In recent years, the books and periodicals printing market sustained downturn has attracted general attention industry, almost every and books and periodicals printing market related words sound a dark and helpless. In the electronic media in the present, books printing market future is full of variables, it is printing books and periodicals must face the fact. In the face of the market uncertain future, after mechanism transformation, equipment modification after internal reform, more and more books and periodicals printing enterprise need carding are now facing difficulties and challenges, and think a more profound question: save the transformation.
Books and periodicals printing market faces three big challenges
From the application point of view, books market can be divided into six areas, every field situation also have each different. But continuous downturn of the economy and the ebook and so on the new digital equipment has also indeed to traditional books publishing and printing brought negative influence. Meanwhile, books and periodicals printing market are also faced with three big challenge:
One, in the 2009-2012 period, printing books and periodicals is still the mainstream products on the market, but it will be more than a few years ago the output of the peak period of decline.
Second, the books content will change, it will be from a simple printed matter into a spread through various channels of multimedia products.
Third, paper books and its main sales channels - bookstore had already passed the peak of life cycle, and in the 2009-2012 period decline.
Printing enterprise want to have to decline books printing market share a cup of soup, it is necessary to understand the difficulties of in his presence, and take effective measures to meet these challenges, and then in the fierce market competition, for his fight our way out.
Books and periodicals printing market faces three way difficulties
In the face of the strange new field, determined to transformation of the books and periodicals printing enterprise not only to find a direction, but also in the way difficulties have plenty of mental preparation. In the industry in the expert opinion, books and periodicals printing enterprise to achieve high-quality goods or books turn is not easy, and at least three way cross "difficulty".
Market shut
Compared with books and periodicals printing, packaging and printing, commercial printing, security printing and other areas of the customer to select printing supplier conditions to more demanding, books and periodicals printing enterprise in the field of entering these markets before had better have certain customer and market resources reserves, avoid blind investment loss caused by the.
Capital shut
Transformation must be abundant capital for support, to those in the business difficulties, lack of cash flow of the enterprise is concerned, the transformation and is not a choice. Books and periodicals printing enterprise in the process of the transformation to the need for the funds mainly reflected in two aspects: one is the equipment modification, 2 it is to have plenty of the capital.
Talent shut
To books turn requires not only printing enterprise want to have to pull out of a village market marketing personnel, have familiar with packaging and printing process of technical talents. Packaging printing to color consistency requirements more stringent than the books, if technical personnel experience, quality can not reach the customer request is rejected, the enterprise will face a lot of loss.

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