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Latin America printing consumables contain market opportunities

A few days ago, the United States to include Brazil, Mexico and Argentina, some Latin American countries made a network investigation, and Latin American consumables market further analysis, including consumer preferences and supplies to the views of compatible consumables. There are 600 families and 900 printer user of office printers users to accept the survey, they were from Brazil, Mexico and Argentina, these three countries.
The rise of developing countries are in a difficult to the printer consumable industry is certainly a big good news. As the U.S. and Western Europe and other countries of excessive saturated and competitive market of the increasingly fierce, the most consumable suppliers in local business income was affected and have declined, and Latin America and other countries have for these suppliers to bring new income opportunity.
Win the ship company says: family printer user to the original equipment manufacturer (OEM) and replace the purchase of the brand consumables fashion. More than half of the family in the office supplies stores printer users buy their need OEM products; But for compatible consumables, about half the user to choose from independent suppliers consumable purchase. Latin America has a lot to offer the filling ink cartridge recycling and service of small stores, this means that local compatible consume material market very scattered.
From each country to see, win the shipping company through the survey found that Brazil's family printer users buy OEM consumables way to some more. This laser printer in the field were much more obvious-despite more than half have a laser printer user can choose the family from office supplies stores to buy supplies, but the rest of the half will through various channels (such as equipment manufacturers, independent dealers, pharmacy, supermarket material or online, etc.). In Mexico and Argentina, family laser printers users in the choose and buy when consumables will choose a basic office supplies shop.
In addition, Brazil's printing ink and toner providers distribution of Mexico and Argentina than more extensive, and with Brazil's family income is generally Mexico and Argentina to low, so that the Brazilian company win the ship the prevalence rate of household printer will be higher some.
Win the shipping company in Latin America that sold most of OEM consumables are fake, so it's hard to say whether these people really from the channel in the purchase of said. Asked about why from one a particular place to buy supplies, respondents mention of a maximum number of factors is the price. Although the price of every of respondents are very important, but the Brazilian buy consumables is valued all the price when it appears.
For office printers for users, independent consumables suppliers is their compatible consume material choose and buy the best approaches, but not that people expected, almost all enterprise have through the B2B purchase printing consumables experience, and a lot of enterprise says he is in retail stores to buy OEM and compatible consumables. For home and office printers users, the network is their most don't recommend buying way of consumables.
Although born in different countries printer consumable purchase of user family way also vary, but the trend did not spread to office printers on the user. No matter from which country, office printer user will choose from the same place to buy their own consumables.

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