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What is a Flyer?

Flyer also called color page brochure, publicity color page. Publicity color page is one of the important media business activities, as a listed aggregation new artefact of a affectionate of commercial way, advanced publicity, backbone big, and the amount is low! Publicity appearance that things image, through the colors in the press process, with bright, lively, image, ablaze admirable colour outstanding achievement of a artefact or a things form, function. It includes, blush page design, bowl making, printing, in the anatomy of chat account fabricated by printing, aboveboard and broadly the advice to the accessible of advice propaganda.

With the accelerated bread-and-butter development of society, blush page publicity in bartering activities became basal a link.

Publicity blush appropriate is

1, is alien to the chump articles and casework of cardboard blush press media.

2, cheap, fast and beheld display.

3, broadly acclimated in commercial aggregation supplies.

Propaganda commercial actual is mainly coated paper, according to the gram weight credibility with a band-aid of 105 grams, 128 grams, 157 grams, 250 grams

Publicity blush page mainly include: artefact description, use method, action display, angel advance activities, introduce, advance the pin, posters, etc., from adolescence name agenda to the big account album, and again to calendar, accord to breeding blush page. It not alone in people's lives accept beautification effect, in the business activities aswell plays the role of a fellowship, and advance bread-and-butter development.

Card: advice acclimated to acquaint yourself rectangle pieces of paper, the printed his name and title, address, etc.

DM sheet: accepted A4 / A3 size, two folding or three folding, or two sides.

Poster: the name of content, presented in the paper, the accepted for leaflet, pros and cons, admeasurement bigger than DM individual piece.

The account album: will accept to be text, pictures, etc., with the book bounden form, through the printing, authoritative a account book.

Folding: agnate to the account album, about accept 2-3 fold, agreeable than the account anthology briefly, through the illustrated adjustment to acquaint the applied bearings of businesses, let readers can in a abbreviate time apperceive a business, accept a enterprise.

Desk calendar: will charge to achievement of words, images, etc., use board agenda bounden form, through the printing, to accomplish a board calendar, usually alleged as personality board calendar.

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