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Opportunities and challenges of the Chinese printing market

In recent years, the development of Chinese digital printing market is continuously accelerating rate, but compared with the level of development of the world, there are still some gaps. According to statistics, the Chinese digital printing market, totaling about 100 billion yuan, accounting for 5% of the total printing market to 7 percent. The digital printing market in developed countries is much higher than China's total sales last year, U.S. retail sales of digital printing nearly $ 48 billion, equivalent to the total Chinese digital printing market, about 40 times.

China's digital printing from the current development situation, both in the packaging, labels, commercial printing and other books which areas of application, the advantages compared with traditional presses are obvious:

Shorten the process, reduce printing costs. No film digital printing, automated prepress, proofing printer directly, eliminating the traditional printed version, not film, simplifying the plate making process, and eliminating the installed version of positioning, balance, range of traditional ink printing process ;

Custom book printing, personalization, variable data printing. No digital printing plate, on each page of images or text can be printed in a continuous change.

Digital printing technologies to the printing industry is the thoroughness of subversion, especially ink jet printing, has been in the traditional printing market, "said Mr Ng." Of course, at this stage of the printing quality of digital printing is not enough stable relative to traditional print, but also its cost is relatively much higher, but this is not a year or two can be solved. However, with the continued development of inkjet technology, reason to believe that in the near future, the quality of inkjet digital printing will no longer be an obstacle, its running costs will be closer and closer to traditional printing. "Opportunities and challenges, will be the digital printing technology in the foreseeable period of the current development trend is inevitable."

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