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China Printing Solutions-Nano ink for screen printing technology brings a new change
China Printing Solutions-Nanometer material has now started to permeate all areas, including silk screen printing ink manufacturing.In 1994, the United States, the company has successfully obtained a uniform nanoscale particles of raw materials used in the manufacture of printing inks.China's national key new product of nano-scale transparent iron oxide series pigments have also been developed.
Nanotechnology, then, what is the application value in the printing ink manufacture, nano ink than normal ink to have what features?
As is known to all, ink fineness has close relationship with quality of printed matter.Ink fineness better and stronger colouring, print outlets are clear and forceful.Nano ink on the fineness is undoubtedly has particular advantages, because of nanometer materials is the most fine grain materials at the moment.
Because of nanometer metal particles can absorb all the light waves and make themselves appear black, light scattering and at the same time, therefore, can add nano metal particles into the black ink, in order to improve its purity and density.In addition, half of nano ink for screen printing technology brings new change
Conductive nanoparticles due to significant quantum size effect and surface effect, and the absorption of light show some characteristics.Experiments show that some of the light absorption edge of the nanoparticles is an obvious blue shift, some light absorption edge of the nanoparticles was substantial redshift.Accordingly, if add them to the yellow and cyan ink made in nano ink, can improve its purity.Add a particular nano particles of nano ink used in color printing, color level will become more abundant, order will be more bright, is similar to the plasma technology is used in television screens, can largely improve the image of expression.
In addition, because the nanometer particles has good surface wettability, their adsorption on ink pigment particles in the surface, can greatly improve the ink oil-wet and wettability, and can guarantee the stability of the ink dispersed system.So, with nano particles of nano ink, printing performance can get a bigger improvement.
We can also use ink components (such as resin, pigments, fillers, etc.) made of nanoscale materials, because they are highly subtle, and has good mobility and lubricity, can achieve better dispersed suspension and stable effect.
Add nanoscale materials to different USES different kinds of printing ink, can get different result.If used in uv ink, can accelerate the curing speed, and eliminate the contraction of the ink membrane wrinkling;Nanoscale with conductive carbon ink, if add ink can be made of conductive ink;In glass ceramic ink, if the inorganic materials is nanoscale fineness, will be able to save a lot of raw materials.
Nanoscale materials, as well as some specific if added to ink, can achieve certain results.Such as the nano al2o3, inorganic nano material has good liquidity, if add to the ink can greatly improve the wear resistance.When some substances at the nanoscale, different colors have different particle size, and it can make our color ink manufacturing is no longer dependent on chemical pigments, but selecting the appropriate volume of different nanoparticles to render different colors.
More wonderful is that nano graphic printing ink can also be used for the luminous.Some nanoparticles itself have shine group, can shine.With ink printed with the particles added the illuminate of printing quality does not need external light source, by their own light can be the human recognition.If this ink is used for large outdoor advertising prints or graphic print to reading at night, no longer need to external light source, not only can save energy, and greatly facilitate the users.
Nano science and technology applied to the development and production of printing ink has achieved gratifying results, especially in the area of anti-counterfeit printing ink.In combination of nanotechnology and anti-counterfeiting technology, research and development of nano anti-counterfeiting printing ink, not only has good printing effect, and can make the anti-fake effect and anti-counterfeiting performance is further improved.For fluorescent anti-counterfeit printing ink, for example, poor light fastness, anti-counterfeit mechanism has been deciphered and loss of the current situation of the anti-counterfeiting function, by near infrared absorption of the success of guangzhou university research of nano anti-counterfeiting printing ink, the performance of the test sample in the reliability, security, stability and resistance to aging is to achieve a satisfactory level.At present the product has been applied to the outer packing, ticket anti-counterfeiting and infrared sensors and other high-tech fields.
On ink we are basically in the paper, phase, are widely used in printing ink manufacture and printing industry in some distance, but some experts predict, nano ink for ink manufacturing open up a new world, a vast, ink and printing technology for the world to bring a new revolution.China Printing Solutions
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