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The main characteristic of briefly discuss the development of China's printing industry
On April 29, 2014, the Chinese academy of social sciences, points out that in China's economic blue book published in 2014 and future a period in the Chinese economy over the past 30 years average about 7.5% of the lower platform.China's printing industry under the background of the industrial transformation and upgrading, continue to maintain a good momentum of development, and development quality and efficiency improved significantly.In 2013, the total of printing enterprises 10.44, employees 3.4413 million people,China's printing industry to achieve output value 951.013 billion yuan, up 9.6% on the previous year, the total profit of 72.498 billion yuan.
Next, the gold printing group want to four main characteristics on the development of China's printing industry at present to share and discuss with you:
A green transformation, China vigorously promote the printing industry
Green printing is the mainstream trend of global printing industry development, the implementation of green printing is printing China initiative to implement an important measure of the state environmental protection strategy.Implement green printing for more than 3 years, the Chinese through formulating and implementing the standard of green printing, pilot and expand green printing field, form a complete set of security measures such as propaganda and training, greatly enhance the printing industry green development concept, as the development of the industry consensus.So far, 370 printing enterprises across the country had been passed the certification of the green printing and printing professionals to participate in the green printing training has more than 350000 people.Implement green printing only three years time, China because of the use of the ink system, environmental protection drying oven, for the central gas supply system energy saving measures such as make the industry equipment energy consumption is reduced about 10% less.
Second, China's printing industry relying on the industry development of modern service industry transformation
As a contemporary form of high-end in service economy, cultural creative industry is becoming a new growth point of China's economic development and economic structure strategic adjustment important fulcrum.China as a link of wen gen industry, printing industry is actively expand printing industry chain, strive to adjust industrial structure, from the traditional low-end manufacturing to high-end services, extending from creative design to give priority to with the processing industry, promote the printing industry to have high added value and high-cultural value, economic value, and has the characteristics of low carbon environmental protection and ecological development of modern service industry transformation.Especially with the tools of the Internet, a lot of China printing enterprises to actively explore the ways of network printing, there are a number of innovative business model and operation mode.
Third, actively promote the printing industry in China industrial upgrade
China's printing industry by leading enterprises implement of fine management, change the extensive economy high input, low output, high energy consumption, the disadvantages of low efficiency;Skills contest by printing industry improve enterprise technical personnel quality, improve efficiency, to accelerate the industrial transformation and upgrading;Also by helping enterprises to implement standardization, in order to achieve the goal of enterprise management improvement and industrial upgrading.In 2014, China printing technology association actively undertake the international standardization technical committee ISO/TC 130 secretariat, will be in Beijing on November 14 to 21 at ISO/TC 130 fall convention, and through the positive promotion printing technology standardization construction, promote the healthy development of the printing industry.
Fourth, China's printing industry international cooperation actively
In 2013, China's annual import nearly $2 trillion in goods and created a lot of jobs for global trade partners and investment opportunities.With the economic and social development to a new level, China's printing industry with international industry continuously strengthen contact and communication, actively seeking international cooperation.As printing industry in the international technology exchange, trade and learning platform of "China international all India exhibition", this year in Shanghai, China on November 14-17 in 9 square meters of exhibition area, more than 100000 people visit grandly held, at the same time will also be rich and colorful series seminar, here I on behalf of the Chinese printing sincerely invite industry colleagues from all over the world to communicate, share, new technology, new application and new management idea.
Jane that is green, transformation, change, cooperation is the current China's printing industry four keywords, broad market, the development of positive change the international perspective of power and seeking cooperation.
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