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China Printing Solutions-Gold Printing Group five measures to open green printing time
China Printing Solutions-The development of the modern printing technology, make modern life more rich and colorful, but subsequent have printing process due to the use of chemicals and energy caused by the "three wastes", including its final product in the process of used and discarded the effects on the social environment and human health.With the continuous improvement of the public's awareness of environmental protection, green printing has drawn attention of the society, combined with the requirements of environmental protection at home and abroad, industry sustainable development needs, and the needs of the development of the enterprise itself all prompted more and more enterprises have to green printing on the agenda.
In this background, the Gold Printing Group without looking and hesitation, but rather to fulfill social responsibility as an objective, in order to protect the ecological environment as own duty, began to actively advocate green environmental protection work.Gold Printing Group since green printing work, positive response, the staff has adopted a series of measures. 
1. To carry out the cleaner production audit
By energy consumption for production status, production use, the sewage link and cleaner production potential analysis, made clear the target of clean production.Then continue to promote cleaner production, increasing investment, to do a good job of saving energy and reducing consumption, reducing the pollution and etc. 
2. The introduction of advanced process equipment
Gold Printing Group, use the advanced CTP plate-making technology instead of the traditional PS plate making process, reduce the pollution of the environment in the process of plate making, improve the production efficiency and product quality.With automatic six-color rotary press, the realization of the printing, collating, black back cover a forming, improved the production efficiency;Purchased Heidelberg SM - 74, Heidelberg SM - 102, 706 + 1, Roland two-color machine, Roland palace l4 lumbar 4 + 1 color machine, the palace international brands such as printing equipment, improve the printing capacity, reduce the energy consumption and reduce the production process caused by environmental pollution;Add ink recycling equipment, focus on production of residual ink, set up the zones deposited in the warehouse, dedicated to monochrome printing production, improve the efficiency of resource utilization;Configuration solution purification device, through the enhancement and plate liquid wastewater purification treatment, reducing emissions of pollutants. China Printing Solutions
3. The use of paper by the FSC certification
Options by FSC forest certification paper suppliers as partners, to ensure that the products of raw materials are from well-managed forests. 
4. Adopt green printing material
The active adoption of water-based ink, soy ink, water-based light oil, liquid water car wash water, no alcohol education version, such as environmental protection printing plant powder materials, through a third party confirm the material test report, in order to ensure the printing material of environmental protection. 
5. Build system of energy consumption control
Gold Printing Group established a series of energy consumption control system.Such as the established energy consumption of the lighting control system regulates the equipment management;The system of ink recycling management rules for the recycling of printing ink;The waste management system standardizes the rational utilization and management of production waste.China Printing Solutions
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