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Current situation of the development of the British book publishing industry
British publishers association recently announced the publishers association 2013 annual data show that in 2013 the English books and academic journals revenue of 4.7 billion pounds, 1.5 billion pounds from digital services, accounted for 29%. 
3.4 billion pounds in Britain in the book market, physical books about 2.8 billion pounds.After 5 years development, physical books and e-books revenues increased by 6%, and sales fell by 6% over the same physical books, e-book sales grew by 305%.Over the past 2 years, ebook sales doubled, the current market share has reached 509 million pounds.British journal market occupy the market share of 1.3 billion pounds, 850 million pounds from digital services.After 2 years of development, the digital periodical business grew by 4%. 
Over the past four years, two of the best books for novel digital publishing field and academic teaching books, digital total market share of 39% and 42% respectively.Especially in the field of fiction, digital products share rose to 25% from 33%.Strong education publishers market, rose 2% to 296 million pounds, including digital business grew 18%, up to 160 million pounds.
According to the data report, British publishers 2013 export revenues accounted for 43%, up 1% from a year earlier.Physical books and e-books sales revenue of 3.4 billion pounds, less than in 2012, 100 million pounds.Novel 33% of sales from digital business.Nonfiction digital publishing has increased by 36%, to 55 million pounds.Academic and professional book market of digital publishing sales market share increased to 19%, to 216 million pounds, up 1% from a year earlier. 
For last year's market data, the British publishers association chief executive Richard moller evaluation, digital publishing market is to speed up.Although the physical book sales decline, but in the 2.8 billion - pound physical book market, there are 400 million pounds for a novel showed the English reader to physical book still has a strong emotion.
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