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South Korea printing enterprise quantity decreased, present urban characteristics
In recent years, South Korea printing and related industry enterprises quantity decreased.In 2007, the Korean printing and related industries, large and small, with a total of 17679 enterprises, in 2009 to 16424, rose to 16193 in 2010.In 2013, the Korean printing and related industry enterprise quantity increases for 16633, including 13598 printing enterprises, an increase of 3.4% over the previous year, but if compared with 2007, is reduced more than 1000, the damping is 8.1%.Look from the way of printing, offset printing companies 2013, South Korea in 6979, more than half of the total number of printing enterprises (51.3%).Screen printing enterprises 2249, accounting for 16.5%;4370 other enterprises, accounting for 32.1%.In 2013, the Korean printing related industry 3035 companies, including 709 plate-making, puzzle enterprises, 1196 bookbinding enterprises, other enterprises by 1130.
The south Korean capital, Seoul is the most centralized place South Korea printing enterprise.In 2013, Seoul, 7007 companies, printing and related industry accounts for the printing and related industry enterprises of the total number of more than four into (42.1%);The worker 26900 people, of the total in four (39.4%).Gyeonggi province the number of printing and related industry enterprises and staff are also quite a few, 3181 and 3181 respectively.Printing and related industry enterprises large number of regions and 1153 busan and daegu 985, celebrates the south road 606, incheon, 550, 523, gwangju 456 in open field and igawa is north road 450.Seoul and busan and daegu, inchon, kwangju, taejon, ulsan, six wide-area city (roughly equivalent to China's municipalities directly under the central government) printing and related industry the number of total more than 1 m, printing and related industries of South Korea enterprise nearly two-thirds of the total (65.3%), suggesting that printing industry is a typical urban industry in South Korea.
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