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Australia on the world smallest manual book
On June 20 to 22, the world's smallest manual book in the Australian city of Bathurst exhibited a called "Slado" old bookstore.The book aspect are 3.5 mm, the size is less than a pentagonal coin in China.It is reported that in 1952 the mini book printing forming, for the first time in Germany after collection in Australia.
The manual book with a black hard cover, use letterpress, side wear a hot stamping line, cover with a golden cross.Book content for seven languages, which compiled the Lord's prayer, including American English, British English, German, French, Dutch, Spanish and Swedish.According to the manager Anna Clarke (Anna Clark), according to the book 62 years ago in Germany, mainz made by Gutenberg shop aims to raise money for the Gutenberg museum, now a Bathurst for local collector.
When asked how many pages the book, Anna said, she is because not too much tinkering with the art treasures and never count the number of pages of the book.She said: "with mini books, even need to use a magnifying glass, when reading a book and need tweezers auxiliary books. Too much so I don't dare to play with this delicate, fragile art."
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