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China Printing Solutions-Shanghai international printing week starting from the next two years the instead
China Printing Solutions-On July 6, 2014 China (Shanghai) international printing week in Shanghai new international expo center.
3D printing, on-demand digital printing, flexo printing technology, creative arts green printing, paper, pharmaceutical packaging, such as the zone, is the window on the international week of printing.3D printing is one of the most ordinary audience stand area.Before commercial digital image technology co., LTD. In Shanghai area, putting in industry, medicine, cultural creative products and other fields of 3D printing products.Staff also careful explanation for the audience how to use office A4 paper as material, print out a color, shape is very lifelike bananas.
Two days on July 4, 5, also held two 3D printing printing weeks theme BBS, 3D printing a number of experts to discuss the development trends and application prospects.
The international printing week brings together the national 18 provinces and cities more than 250 exhibitors, on behalf of the China's highest level of 52 countries all printing demonstration enterprises.It is understood that from the beginning of the next, China (Shanghai) international week of printing will be changed from an annual one to two years, held the third session of the time will be in July 2016.China Printing Solutions
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