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China Printing Solutions-The new trend of development of the American newspaper
China Printing Solutions-For American newspapers, in 2013, is an important watershed.Data show that at present only less than 30% of americans get most of the news and information by newspapers, the Internet has the newspaper are far behind, become the main way for americans to get news.
American newspapers are facing the biggest challenge is the decline in advertising revenue.According to statistics, about eighty percent American newspaper revenue comes from advertising, only twenty percent of readers to subscribe.The American newspaper advertising revenue has risen from $2005 in 50 billion fell to about $23 billion a year.
Digital subscriptions will become the key to continuing American newspaper life.In order to keep the reader, the United States opened online newspapers, to attract readers of print subscribers.In 2011, the New York times to follow the British financial times, the first newspaper "pay wall" stand up in the United States, with a digital subscription challenges have argued that Internet content should be free thinking of the masses."Pay wall" does play a role.Announced in May 2013, the New York times company, the paper has about 700000 digital subscriber created hundreds of millions of dollars of revenue for newspapers, and is still growing.According to the New York times company earnings in the first quarter of this year, the New York times for every $2 lost on publications, digital business can earn back $3 for it.
The success of the New York times "pay wall" greatly stimulated the other newspapers follow suit, the United States has more than 500 newspapers set up different forms of "pay walls", accounts for about 40% of the total number of U.S. newspapers.
Digital era not only changed the profit pattern, American newspaper is also changing the American journalist report form.Journalists have begun to print and web version to provide different content, at the same time, reporters on the reported technique and presentation are also looking for innovation, are trying to increase the multimedia application in the report.
Released in April "digital reported growth" in the report pointed out that the trends of digital reported that American newspapers keep trying new report forms and data visualization technology, and this kind of innovation from the number reported department, special digital reported skills by hired workers.
The report also pointed out that the new media to attract readers' attention, but can't earn enough income, especially the favour of advertisers.Digital coverage can achieve sustainable profit remaining questions.
2013 annual industry report, 71% of America's digital controlled by 10 companies advertising business.With the search giant, portals, social media cooperation may be American newspapers a key to increase the revenue of digital advertising.China Printing Solutions
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