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China Printing Solutions-China digital printing output value accounted for by more than 1%
China Printing Solutions-Recently, the Beijing dasheng printing association, chairman of the meeting, print reports on the 2013 annual Beijing main data.Among them, the digital printing enterprises 43, 2013 than in 2012 increased by 12, main business income is 416.62 million yuan, profit - 8.916 million yuan, 1106 people.
Report, said in Beijing digital printing enterprise growth is faster in 2013, the enterprise number increased by 38.7%, the main business income increased by 218%, increase the number of 349 people, but the profit is negative.43 has 26 profits and 17 losses.
From this set of data, we can see that although Beijing digital printing enterprise is growing rapidly, but its done advocate business wu income accounts for only 2013 Beijing printing 1.39% of the city's main business income is 30.05 billion yuan, and profit is negative, the total losses of enterprises accounted for 37%.
In recent years, digital printing has always been China's printing industry hot word, attracted the attention of millions of people pay close attention to.Especially the rise of the concept of network printing, unleashing a wave of digital printing in China's development.But the above data may let us's enthusiasm for digital printing in the pursuit, slightly cool off.
Perhaps, Beijing digital printing data do not have a wide range of representative meaning, so, the real level of digital printing in China how?
In early July at Shanghai printing weeks BBS, state general administration of press and publication, radio and television printing issue department released new data on the level of development of digital printing in 2013.
Digital printing in China, 2013 output value 10.3 billion yuan, up 63% on the previous year, the proportion of total output value of printing of 1% for the first time.2488 nationwide and exclusively engaged in digital printing enterprises, digital printing production equipment 7715 units (sets).
Digital printing in China in 2012 output value of 6.29 billion yuan, the proportion of total output value of the printing is only 0.66%.Digital printing enterprises 738, production digital printing equipment 2354 units (sets).It can be seen that both the number and equipment number, 2013 more than tripled in 2012.
This shows that although digital printing is still very low in proportion of output value, but the future growth will soon, space is very large.While the digital printing production accounted for 1.39%, 0.39%, higher than the national data is positive.
"Twelfth five-year" is over three years.According to the printing industry "twelfth five-year" development planning, to the final "twelfth five-year", China's printing industry output value is expected to more than 1.1 trillion yuan, the digital printing production value proportion more than 20% of the total output value of China's printing.This means that by the end of 2015, digital printing production need at least 220 billion yuan.China Printing Solutions
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