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China Printing Solutions-Saudi Arabia printing and packaging industry is in the gulf region's oldest and largest
China Printing Solutions-According to the 12th Saudi international packaging and printing exhibition official website reported that from the overall situation, Saudi Arabia, the size of the printing and packaging industry is the largest in the gulf countries, but also the most abundant species.
It is understood that during the period of 2011 to 2015, Saudi Arabia's food consumption will grow at an annual rate of 4.6%, and at the end of 2015 reached 51.1 million tons, while packaging industry average annual growth rate will reach 15%.Saudi Arabia's packaging industry is one of the country's most active industries, plastic is gradually replace metal and glass as one of the most popular packaging materials here.In addition to the solid packing, Saudi market demand for flexible packaging has also been gradually increase.As the food industry to improve the packaging quality requirements and Saudi food consumption increase gradually, the market demand for safer sustainable packaging solutions will also be rising.
Saudi Arabia's printing industry is in the gulf region's oldest and largest, at present the output value of the printing market has breached $800 million, and will keep growing at an annual rate of 8%.With the development of national economy, the expansion of government spending and the growth of population, the increase in cultural education activity and retail industry booming, Saudi Arabia's printing, advertising and marketing industry is also the good opportunity of development, and promote the growth of the market demand for printing equipment and printing services.It is understood that the Saudi national about a month to print 5.1 million copies of newspapers and 2 million magazines, and huge potential for growth.
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