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China Printing Solutions-American media ten decline profession printers development space is only 5%
China Printing Solutions-It is reported that many poor career future development prospect of limited space, professional is likely to fall into a recession, one of the highest possibility is the postman as an occupation.
The economy specialized magazines Washington daily operation of the network media maket watch American public opinion media quoted employment job search companies such as "career cast" selected "ten big decline profession" as a result, says poor future prospects of the most representative is a postman.
Career cast on the basis of the employment outlook from the bureau of labor statistics data, analysis between 2012 and 2022 the postman employment decline rate is the highest in all professions, up to 28%.The main reason is because E-mail, SNS and the Internet developed.
Second, the order of sharp decline in employment and occupation is the farmer was 19%, and the administrator is 19%, 13% journalists, travel agency staff by 12%.Journalists due to the growing influence of online and new media, resulting in a decline in the employment rate.Consumers using the Internet and travel to direct connection, such as access to travel information to make an appointment and so on, has become the most common phenomena, so the travel agency staff employment rate is also reduced a lot.In addition, the future career development space small include lumberjack 9%, 7%, the flight attendant professional and technical personnel 6%, 5%, printer tax agent 4%.
Career cast analysis pointed out that the ten great recession professional employment rate drop the main influence factor is the rapid development of science and technology level.Advanced science and technology, improve the threat to the professional level of automation development.China Printing Solutions-
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