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China Printing Solutions-Europe will continue to be one of the most important printing market
China Printing Solutions-German machinery equipment manufacturing industry federation (VDMA) and paper printing technology association in the recently held a press conference said publicly: for printing and paper processing equipment manufacturer, is still in Europe is one of the most important printing market.
The European market for the importance of technological innovation-oriented enterprises can through its every country productivity level of the printing industry.According to the European Union for print and digital communications, new market survey report issued by European about 12 m printing enterprise at present, 725000 employees, annual output value of around 88 billion euros printing.With another printing in emerging markets, compared to China, although the print output, but the per capita output value more than 5 times higher than in China.
Printing level this means that developing countries want to achieve in the technical level of Europe, there is a long way to go.Europe, North America and Japan and other developed countries and regions of the customer's interest in innovative products significantly higher than that of developing countries.China Printing Solutions
Europe is still printing and paper processing equipment manufacturers to the survival and development of important markets.Especially in traditional technology (namely simulation printing technology), it is predicted that by 2018, the European market in the traditional printing equipment sales to four times higher than the digital printing equipment sales.
According to introducing, at present the Germany almost every second-hand printer or paper processing equipment will be shipped to western or eastern Europe, that doesn't include the digest domestic second-hand equipment.Smithers, noble's report also shows that in 2018, printing and paper processing equipment in eastern and Western Europe sales to sales of a third higher than in the United States.
Meanwhile, the European packaging market is also booming, printing and paper processing equipment has penetrated into the market and set up their own territory.Printing equipment have always been open up new markets, now it has the same role in the packaging market.China Printing Solutions
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