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China Printing Solutions-European label purchases a steady growth trend
China Printing Solutions-Released by the FINAT Radar, according to a report in 2014, brand holders in label purchasing investment, increased by 3.61%.Report released earlier this year, FINAT Radar, the report published once every six months, was designed specifically for the association members, mainly report the narrow web printing development trend of supply chain and the growth rate, etc.
In the first Radar survey, more than 50 members of the FINAT enterprises participated in the survey, investigation main trend considering sales and profit, production data and capital equipment investment trends.The survey contains a European label in all areas of the processing enterprises, the market analysis will be more value of benchmarking.
In the study, participants were asked to the expected revenue growth in the next six months, the participants of the service object involved in all of the major end markets, including food, beverage, pharmaceutical, consumer goods, etc., at the same time, the participating enterprises also provides sales growth in 2013.FINAT, according to these data will help determine the performance of the processing enterprises, can reflect the whole European market situation, also can reflect the enterprise's performance in its particular market.China Printing Solutions
, according to a report in 2014, the sales growth of 3.08% on average, each terminal market and brand owners label purchasing volume has increased by an average 3.61% in 2014.In addition, the report also shows that in the past 15 years, has realized the double label materials market of Europe, 3 billion square meters.In 2013, the label's overall demand an increase of 3.5% from the previous year, 5.9% growth of the paper-based label material, paper-based label materials increased by 3.3%.In addition, the eastern European market growth rate is higher, at 6.9%, other European market is steady growth.The report forecasts that in 2014, the label market expectations is still positive.China Printing Solutions
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