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China Printing Solutions-Brazil's printing industry sales growth obviously
China Printing Solutions-In recent years, Brazil's printing industry is developing rapidly.Printing sales were $12.9 billion in 2007, growth in 2012 to $18.7 billion, an average annual increase of about $1.2 billion.In 2012, Brazil has 20530 printing enterprises, employees 222000 people,Print the total import and export trade for $840 million, of which, imports of us $540 million, exports of $300 million.
In 2012, the Brazilian packaging printing sales of about $7.4 billion, accounting for 39.6% of the printing industry sales in Brazil.Publishing (books, newspapers, magazines, manuals) market share of 30.2%, commercial printing market share of 10.6%, 5.8% card printing market, prepress services market 4.1%, label printing market 3.8%, notes the primer of printing market accounted for 3.5%, form of printing market accounted for 2.1%, 0.5% envelope printing market.
Publishing market is expected to have a larger development space
Brazil's total population of more than 200 million people in 2012, but the circulation of books only 500 million copies, up 1.4% from 2011, the tech book grew 19.4%, 14.1% for a religious book, textbook grows 12.2%, but the public books fell by 26.5%.Along with economic development and people living standard rise, consumer demand for books will be bigger and bigger.But in order to promote the popularity of reading activity, the Brazilian association of printing has begun to local commune together promote the construction of public library.
In addition, with the condition of the circulation has shrunk dramatically for years in developed countries, by contrast, Brazil's daily average daily circulation has increased in recent years, but the growth rate is not high.In 2008, Brazilian daily average daily circulation of about 8.49 million, 2009 to about 8.2 million, 2010, back up to about 8.35 million, about 8.49 million, 2011, 2012 to 8.8 million, more than 2008 years and at an all-time high.Table 2 daily average daily circulation of 2002 ~ 2012 Brazil.Books and newspapers and so on the growth of the circulation, to account for more than three into Brazil printing market publishing have obvious role in promoting.China Printing Solutions
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