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The international green printing the development situation and trends

Green printing in the late 1980 s in Japan, the United States, in Germany, as a representative of the western developed countries appear, after 20 years of development, has been discussed from the concept stage into to the actual application stage, whether from the concept or to technical standard, process equipment, raw materials and software application has great development and mature. Developed countries in Europe and America, green printing is the expression of the science and technology development level, but also produce environmental pollution and high energy consumption replacement of traditional printing mode effective means.
1. The United States
The national environmental protection agency (EPA) funded by the state environmental protection organization, enterprise the authentication, government procurement guide and tax incentives and other way for energy conservation and emission reduction guidance to the enterprises. For example, Illinois, environmental groups PNEAC (PrintersNationalEnvironmentalAssistanceCenter) will help a lot of printing enterprise successfully the enterprise to save energy.
At the same time, the United States is very concerned about the volatile organic compounds (VOC) emissions, has banned the use of contain benzene of ink solvent, instead of green environmental printing ink. Now, the plastic printing 40% the water-base printing ink.
2. Australia
Australia the environmental protection agency (NSWEPA) entrust its printing association preparing printing enterprise environmental protection manual, list of Australia in energy conservation and emission reduction printing enterprise on the successful cases, and all kinds of environmental protection material purchasing list to instruct the printing enterprise for energy conservation and emission reduction and low carbon development. For example: smart meter monitoring electricity, with no water offset and CTP emissions reduction technology to the case.
3. Germany
The German industry association established printing low carbon development guidelines, in early 2010, as the German machinery equipment manufacturing industry federation (VDMA) standard published, and became the energy consumption and the evaluation of the efficiency of the important basis.
4. Britain
British printing industry federation (BPIF) launched carbon emissions calculator, this calculator can according to PAS2050 (product and service life cycle assessment of greenhouse gas emissions rules) and GHG (greenhouse gas) standards for factories and products of carbon emissions are calculated, given "carbon footprint", used to guide printing enterprise for energy conservation and emission reduction.
5. Japan
Japan's printing industry association 2001 promulgated the printing service green standards ", namely, lithography, intaglio printing, label printing, screen printing services each working procedure, the material, the management, the author established the detailed green standards. In 2006, the Japanese printing industry association for the standard of the revised greatly, in April, revised the green printing the identification system "(also called GP identification system).
Environment load of the actual conditions of the factory to evaluate a system, is also very strict requirements. Be as "printing factory and enterprise" can be called "GP that factory", get "green printing marks" (GP marks) to prove that his attention is the printing factory environment. "Green printing marks" into three star system, 1 star for printing process to mark, 2 stars all process for the standard, three stars for the use of equipment at the highest standards. Japan federation of printing industry in March 2010 in the world the printing and spread the BBS introduces, Japan get green standard authentication of the printing enterprise has 201.

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