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Packaging machinery industry conform to the new global green strategy trend

The economy is developing, living standards have improved, more and more people pay attention to the quality of life! Then cause more people to food packaging quality more aspects for higher. The emergence of the filling machine drive the many enterprise of rapid development, at present in many industries have to use it, filling machine that is developing very fast. Currently filling machine and beverage industry in the food industry, chemical industry, etc widely used, with the emergence of aquatic products processed products and packaging technology and equipment to put forward the new requirements.
In the 21 st century, low carbon the fashion wind changes us each corners of the life, food, home appliances, industrial and ultimately affect our habits and consumption concept. Packaging machine industry in our country are actively complying with the change, change their model of development. China packaging machinery start later, after more than 30 years of study to explore, absorption, the digestion and the introduction of high technology has been widely applied to all walks of life, and has made great strides in development. Packaging machine industry has become our manufacture ten one of industry, for the rapid economic development on an ever-lasting contribution, leaving a dense.
As industrial information knowledge to change, the living standard of people is increasing day by day, the growing demand for commodities, the past depend on resources and labor force has been far from meeting the way the needs of the development of the enterprise; Our country the set up and carry out the scientific concept of development, and now the global industrial structure adjustment present a new green strategy trend, the countries of the environmental protection strategy had a new strategic trend, our country also is building a low carbon, economical and green environmental social sustainable development strategy. This sentence to point the resources use rationalization, waste production less quantization, free from pollution to the environment in the direction of the development. In this context, all kinds of green design, green products emerged, packaging machinery industry is no exception.

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