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Money's digital publication policy tilt at an annual average rate will reach 50%

This time, two news publishing industry in China cause tremendous sensation: one, the electronic commerce network company amazon take press, direct and the author signing, and in the fall of 122 the various types of published books, and at the same time provide print and electronic two versions. This also means that the amazon officially became the press rivals. The other news is, the third pole, FengRuSong, photosynthesis and a number of entities bookstore have failed.
As a cultural industry in a old tree, the publishing industry is facing new change, traditional publishing is declining, and digital publishing is is expected to become main force. According to the press and publication industry "1025" planning, the next five years, digital publishing value of more than 700 billion, is currently output value over 7 times.
Recently, reporters from the general administration of press and publications to realize, general administration of press and publication is studying for a series of policies to support the development of digital publishing industry, the future policy and funds will be to digital publishing tilt.
Money's digital publication policy tilt at an annual average rate will reach 50%
It is revealed that the general administration of press and publication will encourage traditional publishing enterprise actively carry out digital publishing business, its application network publishing license priority qualification, next year will also be screening sure a batch of transformation model enterprise, in many ways more specific to support.
At the same time, the digital publishing classified as cultural industry development of the special fund key support object, support the digital publishing project into the priority of press and publication reform development program, striving for the national financial support. In addition, for digital publishing enterprises, base park construction, take capital support, land tax and the import and export and so on various aspects of preferential policies to support the digital publishing enterprises, seize the opportunity to do bigger and stronger.
"" 1025" period has more than 30 countries key projects, including from digital creativity, digital platform construction, digital transmission channels to digital product research and development aspects of the project, to ensure the development of digital publishing assigned to specific projects." General administration of press and publication of the director liu said.
Although at present the whole publishing industry output, traditional publishing accounted 75% share, but note that the proportion of digital publication is nearly 10%, and become an important news publishing industry's economic growth.
In fact, from the general administration of press and publication in April this year "issued by the press and publication industry" 1025 "plan" for the next five years news publishing industry development the description of the key to see, digital publishing obviously has replaced the traditional publishing industry as an industry development new breakthrough.
Plans to put forward, to "1025" final, China's digital publishing output work to a news publishing industry total output by 25%. At present our country digital publishing output has exceeded 100 billion yuan, according to "1025" planning 25% target to calculate, by 2015, digital publishing output will reach 735 billion yuan, this means that five years the value of digital publication turned 7 times.

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