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CHINA PRINT 2013 printing exhibitions held a news conference

November 15, 2011, the 8 th Beijing international printing technology exhibition (CHINA PRINT 2013) held a news conference in Shanghai, reported to the industry of the recent development of the exhibition. China printing and equipment industries association (hereinafter referred to as "Chinese seal workers union) vice President and secretary general of LiuChangAn, Beijing China and India association, Hong Kong international exhibition Co., LTD. The President, the Chinese seal work association WangDeMao special advisor, Chinese seal work association XuJinFeng special advisor, group vice President predicted Yin haixing, Chinese seal work association deputy secretary-general TangShuMin, guangdong printing industry association secretary-general copy, such KongHuan attended the news conference.
By the Beijing news conference India association China Hong Kong international exhibition Co., LTD, deputy general manager kochs ek host, WangDeMao, LiuChangAn, Yin haixing, KongHuan, such successively speech.
At present, CHINA PRINT in the last exhibition scale to become the world's second largest printing professional exhibition. Will be held in two years of CHINA PRINT 2013 exhibition, sure in May 2013, 14 to 18 in CHINA international exhibition center held the new library, is expected to the exhibition area will be of more than 120000 square meters, home to more than 1000 exhibitors, professional audience of 170000 people are expected to break through.
In 1988, CHINA PRINT exhibition get international expo union industry (UFI) compliment, became the first Chinese member UFI. CHINA PRINT 2013 exhibition will be the green, efficient, digital "as the theme, highlights the information dissemination speed in full of the environment, innovation, upgrades, fusion and development in the importance of printing industry, the exhibition will be through all kinds of new equipment, new technology, new material, new scheme of realizing, contemporary printing industry new interpretation of the concept of development, and strive to give visitors bring profound enlightenment and new feeling.

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