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Socket direct plate-making technology

The soft palette before plate after will stick on the plate cylinder version, and then to printing. Foreign now have a more advanced flexo direct plate-making technology, can be in the sleeve direct plate-making, and then put the sleeve edition set in the version roller can printing, the working efficiency is higher. This technology is socket direct plate-making technology. Socket direct plate-making method can be points laser engraving and laser ablation two plate making method.
1. Laser engraving sleeve technology, foreign existing on the sleeve carved directly by the method of flexible version. So, can not only the ordinary sleeve sleeve role, it is medium. Before printing production system by good page, can directly by computer output to the sleeve, save exposure, flush, curing, version and operation, which improves the work efficiency. For example, Germany PLOYWEST of laser engraving technology can make field and sleeve level of the combination of the outlets plate, get super fine pictures and words.
2. Laser ablation sleeve technology, in the packaging prints, often meet some pattern design full version repeat consistent, and cutting down at will. But do not look to give juncture docking at both ends. Tubing in printing machines while can do it, but if use sheet of paper printing, to do see the join is a very difficult thing to do. And sleeve technology can be used to solve this problem, because in the sleeve plate type, can use CTP technology directly plate making, easily solve the problem. The plate making procedure is as follows:
(1) in the hollow nickel or other metal roll first coated hot melt adhesive, after being dry, already cutting good photosensitive resin packet to the metal roller, spell together at both ends. From metal roller in the inner core vacuum (roller surface has many small hole), make the photosensitive version to roll surface metal. And then put into the oven in heating, making plate and metal roller surface adhesive layer fusion together, then take out cooling.
(2) the first step after cooling the sleeve version on the periphery grinding up, according to the size of the set for sleeve version of the peripheral grinding to a certain diameter (use laser to test), natural and bright and clean and pure layout. Wipe clean, sleeve version of spraying the surface black coating. Dry, set aside.
Step 2 (3) prepared sleeve version of digital laser scanning, make the sleeve of black coating on the version by laser heat corrosion, and then by the normal for UV exposure.
(4) the exposure of the sleeve version in after the wash corrosion corrosion, and then take out blow dry.

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