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Flexible packaging market will have new growth opportunity
International packaging research institutions association the British sent one of the founder's international recently issued the latest issue of the survey report, the report says, with 2011 global consumption of soft packing will reach 18.1 million tons, output will reach $58.3 billion. The report estimates that in the next five years, the global market value of flexible packaging compound annual growth rate to 4.1% growth rate, to 2016 consumption is expected to reach 22.5 million mt, output will reach $71.3 billion. Send's international the entitled "the 2016 global flexible packaging market forecast" survey report, with metal tins, glass and plastic bottles of traditional packaging form by market place gradually eliminate, flexible packaging market will have new growth opportunity.
The report said that global flexible packaging market are so successful, thanks mainly to brands to maintain the market competitiveness and the development of new products. Because retailers hope to be able to try to extend the shelf life of the product, so BOPET, EVOH and PA contour block sex flexible packaging the prospect of the development of will more vast, market position will also rapidly increased.
The report to the head of the beiji, Adam (AdamPage) introduction, brands is very serious about the flexible packaging has the multi-function, low cost and innovation potential. At the same time, it is also a kind of light packaging, can reduce the packaging of the impact on the environment, help packing enterprise achieve a low carbon production.
At present, North America and Western Europe and other developed countries flexible market has matured, the future of the growth potential is limited, and developing countries of flexible packaging market were gaining momentum of tai.
Asia is the biggest area market, accounting for about 29.1% of global sales flexible packaging, closely followed by Western Europe and North America. Of course, Asian or flexible packaging the fastest growing consumer market, expected 2011 to 2016 period, its compound annual growth rate will reach 7.9%, and will occupy global soft packing 55% of total consumption growth. According to send international reported Enoch, India and China is flexible packaging consumption the fastest growing, in 2011-2016 period, the two countries will occupy global soft packing 44% of total consumption growth.
From the application fields to see, food accounting for almost by 2011 global flexible packaging of the total consumption 3/4, meat, fish and poultry is the use of the most flexible packaging food, followed by candy and the baked food.
Flexible packaging of the outer part of the material is often to after a series of processing, such as printing, film coating, coating and extrusion etc, and may involve different base material, such as plastic film, paper, and metal foil etc. The type of flexible packaging is rich, including plastic bags, packaging film and block film, paper bag and wrapping paper, lu: su composite belt, aluminum foil sealing, clamshell packaging and aluminum foil bag, etc.
Flexible packaging materials according to the use of the products (retail food packaging and the food packaging, like pet food, tobacco, cosmetics and personal care products, household detergents, drugs and medical products) to separate and combination to use, and flexible packaging film can use soft plastic (PE, PP, polyester or PA), aluminum foil and soft paper material is made, but can be by coating and laminating, and other ways to improve their physical properties.
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