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Paper books than electronic books more suitable for children

Recently, the international children's books league (IBBY) chairman in Shanghai in an interview with the media, said the prospect of paper books will be better, will have more vitality than electronic books.
Now, with the development of information technology, especially the hand-held electronic reader is gradually into the everyday life of the common people, electronic books instead of a paper book momentum, especially in some elementary and middle schools, have begun to try out "electronic schoolbag", let the child in a new way of reading.
However, we should also see, because a child's development has not yet completely, if has been through the electronic books to read, for the vision of affecting affirmation is very big. At the same time, the electronic book publishing more relaxed, the quality of ebooks are not effectively guarantee, to identify force for children not to be strong, and may have misled effect, the paper books in this advantage, it is obvious.
Electronic books, although can provide multimedia way, not only is a writing, and video, audio, etc, more convenient child understand the knowledge, but the paper books is more wise men settled down to read. This to control capability is not strong child, it is also easier to further study, and not just as a game will read.
For the parents, it is through the electronic books should be in order for the child to improve the learning interest, but also should not ignore the important role of paper books, especially the unique culture of lasting appeal is electronic books can replace.

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