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Digital printing is digital printing technology of the new born things

A plate printing out of information product repeat, already behind the public the taste of diversification, only satisfy personalized needs information, in the future to have vitality. Can assert that the future of the printing field, it is the era of digital printing.
Security labels, anti-counterfeiting packaging, labels and other methods of the anti-counterfeiting mark, as a kind of effective protection science and technology achievements and intellectual property rights means, for public recognized gradually.
Digital printing of the development of digital printing technology is a new thing, and the printing technology of the development of a focus. The printing mode embodies the "first distribution, after printing" concept, mainly suitable for printing, variable with personalized information printing, instant printing for features of "on-demand printing".
When such two seemingly independent and not related to the top technology "encounter" together, is the "go their way myself", continue to deduce own wonderful, or dance out a paragraph of wonderful printing waltz? Hainan and yuan anti-counterfeiting technology Co., LTD, the chairman ChenMingFa for we solve one of the fog.
The yuan security is a remote island province of hainan, but in the domestic security industry but with strong technical original ability is famous, is China's first gained international patent invention anti-counterfeiting technology enterprise, it is the domestic patent applications, first, patent number first, patent result with the implementation of the anti-counterfeiting enterprise into the first number.
In the 1990 s, the original code anti-counterfeiting technology once come out, that is popular throughout the country, and started Chinese inquires the kind of anti-counterfeiting technology industry, so far, code anti-counterfeiting technology is still the mainstream of domestic security products, and said to the security, a lot of people's first reaction is still call, we can see its influence.
Experience of the anti-counterfeiting code after brilliant, at the beginning of this century, the yuan again realized self-the yuan security to beyond the original texture anti-counterfeiting technology for "world first, the international leading, very difficult to generic, long-term security, and create a new field of evaluation, known as the" five first ", still represents our country public security technology of the highest level.
Digital printing era
Information technology, not only gave birth to the new anti-counterfeiting technology, and thoroughly changed the world's original face, change is one of the largest traditional field printing technology and related digital printing, industry, with amazing speed into the social strata, satisfy people for printed matter personalized, diversity, flexibility demand. In China, digital printing and printing digitization is recognized, drive to the important direction of printing, the printing industry leading.
"If the invention of printing technology from scratch, people also can be used for a long time from the seal that plays, have traced, then from printing to no printing, printing from batch to personality printing, the change of the big, completely beyond the scope of the people imagine." In ChenMingFa opinion, digital printing change is a printing revolution. The development of digital technology is changing the world, with digital technology as the foundation of personalized anti-counterfeiting technology in the ascendant anti-counterfeiting technology has become an important branch in its financial instruments, identity certificate, high-end security products in the field is getting more and more shows its strong vitality and wide development space.
ChenMingFa think own invention anti-counterfeiting code technology, just to the development of information technology trends and trend. Technically, inquires the kind of anti-counterfeiting technology not only rely on quick easy digital communication technology, relies on variable digital printing technology. Only printing technology of have no the version, individuation, just make inquires the kind of anti-counterfeiting technology and the implementation of the public may be used. "The information explosion synchronous brings change, is one of the demand of information also diversified, a plate printing out of information product repeat, already behind the public of the taste of the diversity, only to meet the individual needs of the public information, in the future to have vitality. So can assert that the future of the printing field, it is the era of digital printing."
To meet the personalized information demand to the extreme, than the original inquires ChenMingFa of anti-counterfeiting technology products.

Hand in hand with digital founder dance

And personalized variable code printing technology, almost is to achieve his invention and customized. In the future development plan, ChenMingFa is of Peking University and founder electronic Co., LTD. (hereinafter referred to as founder electronic) depth cooperation. The yuan will use the founder of independent research and development of electronic ink jet printing system founder jie eagle is introducing a new personalized anti-counterfeiting application products.

"My invention is not castles in the air, each technical solutions, ther is a huge material support system, or is work." ChenMingFa explain the reason of cooperation and founder, "on the other hand is to believe that their strength, and the main, party is one of the few domestic with independent intellectual property rights of the digital ink-jet printing equipment manufacturers, have independent research and development foundation and power, not without a core technology products agent. A new technology, new product launch need long-term exploration, and founder of the cooperation in the development process, if meet technical problem, can at least through technical cooperation platform common looking for solutions, and this is from abroad purchase equipment doesn't have advantage."

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