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Special printing chromatography

The printing industry at home and abroad in the industry use most is special printing chromatography. Printing chromatography is according to the characteristics and requirements of the printing industry, has a large collection of actual color sample classification arrangement, in actual printing production more specific and practical.
Printing chromatography and that printing anilox chromatography, is use standard of HuangPinQing four-color ink, according to different site area ratio composite printed a piece of the sum total of all kinds of colour.
The printing process, color image copy is usually composed of three primary colors with black ink printing ink to vary in size and become the node overprint. In the printing process, printing plate making, proofing, chromatography of printing ink, printing and so on each working procedure plays a great reference and guidance.
(1) the composition of printing chromatography.
Each manufacturer of chromatographic all the printing contains the following four parts: the monochrome, double color, three colors, four color part, due to the condition, use object is different, its composition, color piece arrangement and color piece number also have some difference. General in the chromatographic instructions part, will be detailed introduces the chromatography making, printing condition, use the material, the main technical parameters, basic data, etc.
The special map chromatographic "is for map, especially special map design, divided into two parts: four color parts and special color parts.
Chromatographic instructions. In the chromatographic descriptions, introduces the basic composition of chromatography, chromatography in the ladder of feet, and network point, printing paper, ink and other materials, data testing conditions and test data etc.
In the chromatographic first most (four color part), in one part, will HuangPinQing divided into 3%, 5%, 10%, 15%, 20%, 30%, 40%, 50%, 60%, 70%, 80%, 90%, 100% ten level 3, will be divided into 3% black, 5%, 10%, 15%, 20%, 30%, 40%, 50%, 60% level 9. Such, can get the depth change the color of all sorts of monochromatic.
Double color part, is the yellow, product, and three color pair, two primary colors ladder feet respectively according to the rows horizontally and vertically, one of the two primary colors can out of 13 × 13 = 169 kinds of color, there can be combined from 169 x 3 = 507 kind of secondary color.
Part three colors, is in the double color (magenta, green), and on the basis of the stack in primary colors (yellow) and black, the third time color combination. A total of 6084 kinds of color piece.
Part four color, HuangPinQing four-color ink according to each ladder feet different outlets area rate for the composite, out of the 18804 kinds of color proofs.
(2) printing chromatography role
Chromatography with its intuitive and the practical become the printing industry commonly used color representation, is a process of more constructive color reference tool. The use of it to the printing process standardization, digital and standard. Customer's business personnel may be chromatography in the factory that under current conditions of the availability of color duplication effect; Photography color separation personnel can be based on the chromatographic analysis manuscript, make corresponding matte; Separation of electronic personnel but basis chromatography to bidder, Proofing and printing ink personnel can according to all sorts of color printing chromatographic mix out to special color ink; Printing personnel can according to various chromatography paper and ink color rendering effects, evaluate the quality of the color print.
In theory, printing chromatography can only be used for paper, printing ink, plate-making technology, printing process conditions exactly the same copy process, USES, printing chromatography by the best printing factory in our factory under the specific conditions of printing. Because the spectrum print production involved in the process of raw material and printing of relevant conditions many variable factors, only in our particular environment, use our existing color, add nets, fix the version, plate burning, proofing, printing equipment and common photographic plate, paper, printing ink, such as raw materials, play to our factory all processes operator level of technology can print in the most practical guiding role and the reference value of chromatography. In addition, with the passage of time, the printing ink and paper chemical and physical properties can change, can reduce chromatographic reference value, so printing chromatography should be regularly updated, will also be printed in the process of the various raw materials use the kinds, such as device type data will be detailed records.

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