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Rising costs American small business printing enterprise up profits

According to the American printing leader association (NAPL) released "fast and small business enterprise trends report showed that, despite the more than half (58%) of the rapid and small business enterprise in the first quarter of 2011 sales revenue growth has, a quarter of those polled sales of at least 10% growth enterprise, but paper, energy and employees' medical treatment cost, the rapid growth of the engulfed the businesses but profits.
The company sponsored by xerox report, the production cost about accounted for 93.9% of sales interviewed enterprise, business owners benefits from the same period last year 9.6% of sales dropped to 6.1% this year.
Although each enterprise management status are different, but the good enterprise and the difference between poor enterprise or quite obvious. Questioned enterprise, business good enterprise sales rose 16.4%, earning ratio can reach 18.2%; And poor management of enterprise sales dropped 6.8% and profitability even for-1.3%.
Rising costs caused by enterprise profit is the biggest reason difficulties. In the first quarter of 2011, fast and small printing enterprise production cost has increased by an average 4.2%, accounting for about 32.7% of its total sales. In addition, although America's printing industry in the first quarter of this year the number of employees reduced 4.3%, but wage costs but grew 2.3%, this is mainly by employees of increasing the medical benefits, and other prices project includes paper, energy, taxes, printing ink, carbon powder and some raw materials.
The cost of a rapid rise in eclipsed the enterprise through the save business expenses and get profits. Even so, the enterprise will continue to improve the production efficiency. With employee per hour has sales, for example, last year the figure for $63.36, and this year it grew to $73.88.
The United States printing leaders association senior vice President and chief economist Andrew papanoida who this red (Andrew Paparozzi) pointed out that when fast and small business enterprise asked the biggest obstacle to profit, 60.6% of the people said that the cost of medical staff, followed by the sluggish economy situation, of a shrinking market and lower prices.
And the enterprise to improve their profitability, except to increase sales but also other through the development strategy of the detailed work and practical tactics to improve business efficiency. The leader of the association from printing survey view, has less than 1/5 of the enterprise no longer put all its energies into those big client body, they focus on ordinary customers on the product or service.

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