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Packaging and printing market potential is tremendous
Ebook shock, excess capacity, malignant competition too low wages, the same external environment, the different printing field has different circumstances-publications printing market has gradually atrophic, packaging and printing market share is gradually enlarged. "Packaging and printing industry strong compatibility, and all the products need packing, so a growing faster industry, and electronic supervision code technology as packaging and printing field emerging forces also gives it the huge market space." .
With the innovation of technology, packaging and printing equipment has undergone earth-shaking changes, automation degree with operation speed more and more high.
According to the general administration of press and publication of the published in the 2010 national printing enterprise annual nuclear check the results show that the national printing gross industrial output value is 770.65 billion yuan, including publications printing accounts for 130.17 billion yuan, packaging and printing for 523.89 billion yuan. Packaging and printing market share is already well ahead of publications printing.
The market has great potential additional services necessary
Now the country's various printing enterprise many 100000, among them, the packaging packaging printing enterprise than is the publications printing enterprise quantity, second only to other printing mode of enterprise total number. Secondly, in the production value, packaging and printing and as the article beginning data shows said already far ahead. And the packaging and printing industry in the electronic supervision code and the label industry in recent years in every year to 15% ~ 20% of increasing rise.
International printing market also so, President of the United States before printing association in the next five years when growth forecasts that printing, packaging and printing and trademark wrapping paper printing market share would rise by 2% to 3%, and the growth rate in all kinds of printing mode growth ranked direct marketing email after printing.
Although packaging printing mode rich and colorful, market prospect infinite light, flexible packaging industry, cans of packaging, anti-counterfeiting packaging printing and so on in the past 30 years has great development, the printing mode including flexible printing, also more and more diverse. But the packaging and printing is will continue to grow, but small variety, security needs cannot little. Print, anti-counterfeiting packaging materials, can use inkjet, laser, electronic image processing, DNA printing inks, special security coated to produce can recognize anti-counterfeiting effect.
Electronic supervision code broaden the packaging and printing market
Digital technology for traditional printing enterprise to bring the business model changes, packaging and printing also become the emerging digital printing way one of applications, including drug electronic supervision code as packaging and printing a brand new "virgin", also for packaging and printing enterprise opened up a new market space. First of all, as the policy guidance and support, drug electronic monitoring will be the focus of future industry work content, the government plan in 2015 to drug before fully realize electronic monitoring, not the net and did not use drug electronic supervision code unified label, uniform shall not participate in drug public bidding. And in the near future, electronic supervision code technology has its own will get involved in wine label printing, food packaging printing, agricultural products, tobacco, etc. Various kinds of packaging and printing field.
See electronic supervision code of the market have how old, future drugs market, packaging and printing market will increase will be bigger, the next five years, packaging and printing the proportion of the total output value in pharmaceutical by now 19%, rising to 25%. At present, electronic supervision code technologies give the label field covers, packaging and printing of billions and huge market demand for space.
Rational in to full transformation market research for the foundation
The huge market potential is "encounter" traditional printing enterprise transformation, traditional printing enterprise how to in this huge market share before the equation, this be the hot topic. In consideration for traditional printing of publications on the basis of business development packaging printing business become well-known enterprises at present a lot of printing strategy.
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