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The grand opening of Shanghai international printing weeks
2014 Shanghai international printing from 3 to 6, opened in Shanghai new international exhibition center.This year, in addition to printing techniques and materials show "printing week" also adds a lot of visitors experience the activities.
As one of printing weeks show highlights this year, print-on-demand books "a printed" free to the public for the first time.Traditional publishing to digital transformation in recent years, many even out of print books publishing period, the chance again according to the order demand publishing.When was the booth, the audience can learn more about online orders, a printed book, on-demand printing business model.Each into the galleries of the audience can free experience book "a book on the" quick service.The audience in the exhibition to provide more than 100 books directory to pick a book, with mobile phone scan qr code or click on the scene in the form of tablets and online orders, after the completion of the printed books will be sent directly to the audience to fill in the delivery point.In addition, "a book on seal" on-demand printing is also considering audience's individual needs, provide different options on size size.The end of this year, while the development of B2C e-commerce sites will trial operation, will build China's largest integrated on-demand printing services platform.According to the Shanghai news and publication, more on-demand printing experience activities or into the book fair in Shanghai this summer.
Popular public concern "green printing" section, will launch the first to use environmental protection at home and abroad on printing week ink printing of children's books. "listen to father to tell stories."Its success printing, marks the state general administration of press and publication, radio and television key support of the textbook flexographic ink printing project to be successful, the children are expected in the near future comprehensive use greener books and children's books.
According to understand, is the most environmentally benign form of printing ink printing, used to this way of printing is only used for food packaging and printing, etc., no precedent printing books and periodicals.Xinhua printing co., LTD., in 2011, Shanghai printing group from custom first wide attachment folding flexo printing machine, to overcome difficult hurdle for primary and middle school students and children to provide more and more security ink printed books.
At the Shanghai international exhibition on the printing, but also specially set up the flexo, make life more health, the exhibition and BBS, bring the public ink printing product display, the introduction of the popular science knowledge, ink and environmental characteristics of the scene demonstration, the formation process of plate and printing process of the model show, etc.
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