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China's papermaking is the world's first, is the general direction of green environmental protection
As paper and printing of the ancient and big country, China printing industry to achieve output value has exceeded 1 trillion yuan, the largest in the world's second position, and become the world's important printing processing base.Although in recent years, the issue of newspapers and magazines and books is not good, but as a result of packaging printing products such as paper demand, China's printing paper production balance and maintain steady growth.
According to the report, in 2013, China's paper and paperboard production accounted for 56.32% of Asian production, production and consumption accounts for about a quarter of the global total, respectively are the world's first.Compared with life and other kinds of paper, paper printing paper occupy half of the country.
According to introducing, the average annual growth rate is lower than the overall level of the printing paper, newsprint shows paper presents downtrend is made.Coated printing paper production ratio increased, indicating that high-grade books and periodicals printing use in improving.High-end goods packaging printing dosage also continues to grow.
At present, China paper production of green environmental protection, is the overall direction of the maximum load to reduce paper on the environment.Using environmental protection printing paper, become the important content of green printing series standards.According to the report, China's paper making and printing should break the traditional boundaries, integration of upstream and downstream industry chain, realize the innovation and development.
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