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China Printing Solutions-European countries flexo association meeting, discuss cross-border cooperation
China Printing Solutions-From across Europe flexo printing national association has gathered in Brussels, Belgium, discuss in multinational cooperation within the broader issues, such as the demand for higher education, protection of environment, the importance of sustainable development, growing of new European law, the sustainable development of new technology and innovation, industry, etc., in order to satisfy the demands of some hot spots.
Meeting shall be presided over by EFTA - Benelux association and its suppliers.EFTA association is in Belgium, the Netherlands and Luxembourg said Dutch country of flexo printing enterprises.Before that, the Italian association of flexo ATIF in November 19, 2013, once organized a similar meeting.The meeting discussed and investigated in Europe the possibility of establish a pan-european flexo industry protection organization.
The content of this discussion, including the creation of European organization structure of flexo printing technology association, national association membership defined in new organizations and rights and interests, the new problems of financial needs and budget, and volunteer recruitment and council, etc.
EFTA Benelux association will Europe flexo industry compared to "development", since 1990 in the printer, print materials and printing ink, etc, with epoch-making after technological innovation, the flexo industry overall level has been greatly improve.Nowadays, flexo packaging has become the most competitive one of printing technology.
At the same time, it is undeniable that European flexo association are faced with many of the same problems, that each flexo association at the meeting before have reached a consensus.A statement after the meeting, EFTA - Benelux, said: "(pan-european flexo Association) work together to analysis the demand of the information and experience is very clear. At the same time, at the European level organization better representative organization demand is also clear. To create the European flexo printing technology Association (European Flexographic Technical Association, abbreviations EFTA) to organize and coordinate action and very helpful when planning, can send out the voice of" industry "."China Printing Solutions
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