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China Printing Solutions-In the first half of 2014 China domestic news record-keeping a new low over the past 20 years
China Printing Solutions-On July 23, learned from the 2014 newsprint market information exchange meeting, in the first half of this year China domestic newsprint prices in nearly 20 years since the historic lows.From 71 is big newspaper use statistical data, the first half of 2014 than the same period in 2013, the total is 77579 tons, down 10.1%.Is expected this year, the 71 newspapers always use will be lower than the actual use last year, 144773 tons, a drop of 9.5%.
According to the newspaper association statistics, this year is about 2.75 million tons, domestic newsprint production lower than last year more than 90 ten thousand tonnes.In the first half of this year, the national newspaper basically reached the same level of the imports and exports did not affect the total supply;Imported newsprint prices in line with domestic newsprint prices.China Printing Solutions
From the newspaper type analysis, in 71 this newspaper, in the first half of the central and provincial party newspaper is basically flat or slightly increased, prefecture-level party newspaper the basic flat with last year or slightly decreased.And the metropolis daily is still falling sharply, as a result of the metropolis daily newspaper usage throughout the newspaper for a large proportion, thus promote the national newspaper industry as a whole is falling.From regional market analysis, statistical data in China newspaper association as you can see, in the first half in six major areas in the country, all areas of use are falling, the situation is very serious.Among them, fell 11.1% in north China, northeast China fell by 14.6%, a 20.2% drop in southwest, a 10.4% drop in east China, central south region fell by 10.3%, a 13.5% drop in the northwest region.The same as last year, the central newspaper continue to maintain steady growth, that is increased by 3.0% than last year.
Conference, secretary general of the China newspaper association analyses in the first half of the newsprint market, think in the first half of the market presents two characteristics, one is the supply and demand is obvious decline, the second is newsprint prices continue to fall.About supply and demand quantity, Luo Huiwen, said the current world economy is the depth of the adjustment, some family cancel paid newspaper subscription needs.At the same time, the impact of the new media makes the traditional media of newspaper advertising, distribution, printing and other main business is declining, making newsprint demand decline significantly.In response to the new situation of the press, the main paper mills to stop their production halt production, newsprint manufacturer the regulation itself, for newsprint balance of supply and demand played a key role.
On newsprint prices continue to fall, this phenomenon Luo Huiwen said, according to Japanese paper import and export association website reported that in the first quarter of 2014, Asian markets newsprint prices declining continuously.The domestic newsprint market due to the lower press of newsprint demand this year, coupled with the influence of the imported paper, therefore, paper factory inventory pressure larger earlier this year.News paper factory continuously intensify promotion, record-keeping is declining, the domestic newsprint from last year's average price 4350 yuan/ton lower to the current 4100 yuan/ton, will be different, different prices in procurement have different quantity different price, the market price is confusion.It can be said that in the first half of this year the domestic newsprint price is nearly 20 years since the historic lows.China Printing Solutions
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