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How the government practice limit excessive packing problem

Excessive commodity packaging for social, economic, will produce great harm: it's a waste of resources, a junk siege, aggravating environmental pollution.Second, damage the interests of consumers and business operators, disrupt the market economic order.Three is not conducive to build a conservation-minded society, with the development of circular economy concept.Survey shows that in terms of the number, at present China packaging waste accounts for about more than 10% of the urban family life waste, its volume constitute more than 30% of the families living garbage, packaging waste totaled 150 million tons every year, more than 70% is caused by the excessive packaging.Packaging producers, therefore, is the lack of responsibility for environmental protection, because of excessive packaging produced by a large number of packaging wastes caused serious environmental pollution, exacerbated by the deterioration of ecological environment.
Compared with the developed countries, China's legislation lags behind the problems in the limit excessive packaging.First is the number is not enough, the current law, there is no special specification packing activities a few specification packing activities of legal norms, in administrative rules and regulations, administrative regulations and other normative documents.Followed by detailed enough, on the issue of excessive packaging goods, refine the existing legislation is not enough, or the law is too principle, the standards set by the lack of operability.The third level is not enough to limit the excessive packaging of goods legislation level is not high, main show is the administrative regulations, industry standards.Scattered the laws and regulations of the standard and principle, it is difficult to effectively regulate excessive packaging of goods problems.
Internationally, the use of technical standards for regulation of commodity packaging is the usual practice in many countries, the relevant countries in this regard have accumulated rich experience in legislation and practice.Germany's packaging byelaw "regulation, the volume and weight of the packaging should be recycled, meet the minimum requirements of protection of health commodities safety and security, and can be accepted by the customers.All packing size of more than 10% of the goods itself, and cost significantly more than 30% of goods, it should be judged to be violations of the consumer rights and interests of "commercial fraud".If the carton volume expansion, make the person produces the illusion, etc., are deceptive packaging.
Japan issued new guidelines on packaging regulations, requirements to minimize the volume of a container, the container space shall not exceed 20% of the volume of container;The packaging cost should not exceed 15% of the products out of the price.South Korea on the product package standards for various classes of packing space and the hierarchical layers (packaging) have made specific provision: a variety of processed foods, alcohol, nutrition, health care products, cosmetics, detergents, daily groceries, medicine and other packaging can't more than two layers;Barrel packaging and bottled drinks, shirt and underwear can only have a layer of packaging;Beverage, wine, cosmetics (including fragrances, not including perfume), detergent, shirts and underwear packing space should not exceed 10%;The packing of the processed foods and nutraceuticals space within 15%;Confectionery and pharmaceutical packaging space no more than 20%;Stationery and wallets, belt packing space is below 30%;Cakes, toys and mask packing space is less than 35%.Excessive packaging items in South Korea will also be a kind of illegal behavior, the vendor if you don't reduce the ratio of packaging products in accordance with the provisions of the government and the layer number, the highest will be fined 3 million won.
Goods due to excessive packaging waste and pollution problems has caused local government attention in China, guangzhou city people's government recently issued "interim measures for guangzhou limit excessive packaging management", aims to introduce a clear, actionable government regulation, effectively curb excessive packing goods, promote the rational consumption, save resources, protect the environment.
In limiting excessive commodity packaging, guangzhou is the first step, thoroughly solve the problem of excessive packaging of goods, is still a long way to go.

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