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The development of digital printing technology is very fast

In September of this year held in Chicago in the United States almost no traditional printing printing equipment, have a plenty of traditional printing equipment manufacturers and digital printing equipment suppliers joint research and development of large-format inkjet digital printing machine, it reflects the traditional printing in developed countries is facing the serious challenge of digital technique, development space severe contraction, but also reflects the digital printing equipment according to the market demand constantly develop new products and actively participate in the competition for all kinds of printing market.This situation also performed JGAS printing exhibitions held in October in Tokyo.
Digital printing equipment in the near future in the breakthrough of technical performance in rapidly expanding print width and speed of ascension.For quite some time, the precision of the digital printing products have improved, but the small print format, slowly has been criticized by the market, because it affects the market expansion of it.Teamed up to now, Japan komori company konica minolta digital printing machine printing wide KM - 1 have now from previous A3 expansion to B2 (585 mm * 750 mm), single-sided printing speed reached 3300 copies per hour, the thickness of the print media is from 0.06 mm to 0.6 mm, namely can do it like a traditional offset press printing all thickness of paper can.Stir until the end of next year, once the drupa 2012 by benny 丒 landa led royal create nano digital printing presses, digital printing technology will have a new quality.
Digital printing equipment in the breakthrough of application range makes it into the label printing and progress in the field of packaging and printing speed, if also just feel digital printing has been long time have the ability to enter these areas into quantitative operation, now can say, as long as there is demand, digital printing equipment have the ability to do it.
, of course, when it comes to digital printing technology rapid development, there is a particular problem, that is our country independent research and development of digital printing equipment and consumables also do very not enough, so far the basic stay in relying on foreign supply stage, even with individual companies to enter, also only in the technical follow-up stage mostly, rare in the breakthrough of key technology, in fact, the high cost has become one of the main reasons for rapid development of digital printing in China.Satisfied to finally unavoidably passive, always working for others.More seriously, on innovative thinking inertia, inevitably lead to their innovation ability of a recession.
Moreover, with the traditional printing in the transformation and upgrading is very stressed and other new technology integration, digital printing also should pay more attention to and the Internet, logistics, integration of design, created to meet the market demand of all kinds of new business model.
Must admit that the digital printing and other kinds of traditional way of printing, it is a kind of with the development of digital technology in a way of emerging printing with own special skill, the appearance of digital printing will no doubt change printing market structure to some extent, but cannot count on digital printing before there is no best price alone it is a new mode of production to siege a little pool in the market, digital printing and finally occupy market share by the product quality and price.
In today's rapid development of science and technology, printing industry operators have to open your eyes focused on the development of digital printing.

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