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Baking industry transformation and upgrading of printing reflection from Germany

The grim situation of German printing industry, no doubt.Printing industry in 2014 will continue to last year's trend, that is, Germany will reduce the number of hundreds of printer, and many of the printing products amount to continue to decline.Widely expected economic growth of 2% will not cash in printing, fast communication digital continued unabated, the Internet will seize those easy convenient operation of printing products on the Internet.So, if the current digital transformation make the printing industry more than other industries hit heavy?Below we through the transformation of baking industry in Germany reflection printing.
2013 papers reported the frankfurter allgemeine zeitung, "baking industry small business is very difficult. Big enterprise competition bring them a lot of trouble. In order to survive, small businesses must be innovative and close to the customer. From 2005 to 2005, the number of firms in the industry. According to the computing industry association, 2012 and 300 ~ 400 companies fail. High energy costs and raw material costs make the enterprise unsustainable. Therefore will continue to operate the enterprise's successor is less and less. Big enterprise can maintain price stability by increasing productivity."
As above case appears to be associated with no printing industry, in fact we can see from all walks of life are all in the change and transformation.Always are, and always will be so in the future.So absolutely not only the special case of printing industry in transition.Only people too much on the retailer's vitality and books and its rival the amazon.By contrast, less attention to printing.
As the printing shop, to turn into the digital age not only sadness and complain, to no avail.Printing must accept this transformation, and to their own conclusions start positioning system sustainable development for the enterprise.
2014 slogans and usual closer to customers, sales, increase productivity, better best workflow, specialization, with positive and excellent employees.Finally, to be sure, the owner must lead by example.

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