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Note the status quo of anti-counterfeiting printing
Paper can be, and one of the most closely related to the print of the People's Daily life, from the commonly used bills, bonds, industrial and commercial tax invoice, stock, check, securities, stamps and all kinds of event tickets, etc., directly involves the interests of the individual.Paper is not only a proof, more in the collection market has its special value of collection.Along with the development of the high quality image input and output devices, especially high resolution color ink jet, high precision color laser printer and copier, operator can conveniently cutting, splicing of digital information, the adjustment of the brightness, contrast, color, background, text add change, make checks and other paper printing, such as fake easier.Traditional anti-counterfeiting technology have been unable to meet demand, in order to guard against such risks, the paper on the design and manufacture of anti-counterfeiting technology put forward higher requirements.
New anti-counterfeiting technology must first have the uniqueness and makes the corresponding technology cannot be obtained from other sources;Also require the technology difficult to counterfeit.Digital watermarking technology is an effective method, it is an important research direction of information hiding technology.Does not change the paper visual image digital watermark technology, can maximum limit satisfy paper design experts give full play to their creativity.At the same time has the world's most advanced, the most secure, the highest level of security level.
A, the anti-counterfeiting paper the status quo
Ticket anti-counterfeiting printing technology in our country involves many scientific fields, such as optics, chemistry, electromagnetics, computer technology, spectroscopy, graphic word technology etc, belong to a cross edge science.The anti-counterfeiting technology has the following kinds:
(1) the paper anti-counterfeiting: with the rapid development of our country papermaking technology, which has the function of anti-counterfeiting paper have been applied to the paper production, such as: watermark, visible and invisible fiber paper, safety, etc., these are our some of the more common are applied to a wide range of anti-counterfeiting technology, as well as the copy paper, we identify these technologies, have a plenty of to the naked eye can see directly, or through the instrument, and some is to rely on, a comprehensive method for identification of these is the industry first-line anti-counterfeiting, anti-counterfeiting second-line anti-counterfeiting and three line.
(2) the ink anti-counterfeiting: in paper printing, anti-counterfeiting printing ink can be divided into non-ferrous fluorescent ink, colorless fluorescent, ir, photochromic, temperature change, alter, dripping disappear inks, the ink using different characteristic, formed the different security scheme, through the above lines to one line, two or three for anti-counterfeiting.
(3) plate making anti-counterfeiting: plate making anti-counterfeiting application is a professional design software into some anti-counterfeiting background, the background to a certain extent, it is difficult to be replicated, from this point of anti-counterfeiting purpose, more common are: spends, words, latent image, open the lock, modified line width and so on, the background is on line to drink, line can produce rich change, can prevent forgery and scanning, increase the added value of the bill, of course, with anti-counterfeiting shading design and output of computer demand is higher, it is one of the more extensive anti-counterfeiting means, mainly used in certificates, certificate, marketable securities, etc.
(4) comprehensive anti-counterfeiting: in the field of paper printing, the most is the anti-counterfeiting paper and anti-counterfeiting ink, plate-making anti-counterfeiting combining comprehensive anti-counterfeiting technology, comprehensive anti-counterfeiting technology combined with the advantages of three kinds of anti-counterfeiting means fake to bring very great difficulty, of course, its added value is higher also.
(5) security hologram positioning hot stamping technology.Positioning of hot stamping technology difficulty is very high, it requires that the printing factory has precision positioning stamping equipment, can be used in hot stamping standard all the common holographic anti-counterfeiting technology such as holographic pixels, synthesis of image encryption technology such as micro etching photochemical anaglyph, can have excellent anti-counterfeit effect.
6. The rainbow printing anti-counterfeiting technology.Using the rainbow printing anti-counterfeiting technology in accordance with the requirements of paper printing, can print a variety of color and soft color transition in the middle.Rainbow printing effect with the method of multi-color overprint is difficult to achieve, and it is hard to see in the paper accurate location of partition of of all kinds in the ink fountain, yez even imitated with rainbow printing method is difficult to determine the baffle spacing, thus increasing the difficulty of counterfeit.
In recent years, our country in the development of anti-counterfeiting materials, anti-counterfeiting printing process and has made great progress, such as paper special anti-counterfeiting printing technology, DNA anti-counterfeiting technology, miniature text printing anti-counterfeiting technology has been applied to commercial paper printing, such as the ideal results have been achieved.
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