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IBM microscopic 3 d print out the minimum cover

The children's edition of the national geographic science and engineering in the United States festival announced that magazine for the IBM technology to print out the world's smallest magazine covers and won the guinness book of world records in item 9.Magazine cover size is 11 * 14 microns, only 2000 the size of a grain.
For making the cover of the record, IBM scientists invented a tiny "chisel", it is only a pencil tip diameter size one over one hundred thousand can be heated silicon tip.Nanoscale silicon production by using the small pattern and structure, the scientists just 10 minutes will cover engraved into the polymer, the same as the manufacture of the plastic material.This new ability that may affect the prototype of the new-type transistor device design, including the cloud data center and smartphones such as higher energy efficiency, faster field effect transistor electronic equipment used in the tunnel.By the end of this year, IBM hopes to begin to explore the technology used in materials such as graphene transistor design prototype design.
In addition to the transistor, the scientists envision applications include use of nanoscale security label to prevent documents forged, such as money, passport and priceless works of art, and in the emerging field of quantum computation.Connected quantum system of one way is by electromagnetic radiation or light.Nanoscale silicon tip can be used to create high quality design, and with unprecedented precision control and deal with the light.
IBM research physicist Armin Knoll said: "with the aid of new technology, we can at lower cost and complexity for 10 nm high resolution. In particular, by controlling the evaporation amount of material, we can also made unprecedented precision in vertical direction is only a 3 d design of concave and convex nano. Now, scientists and engineers to use their imagination, to the technology used to cope with the challenges of the real world."

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